Why You Should Work With a Bail Bonds Agency

Why You Should Work With a Bail Bonds Agency

The main reason Riverside Bail Bonds exists is because the world is full of people just like yourself who simply can’t afford to post bail for themselves or a loved one.

If you need to bail yourself of a loved one out of jail, there are several reasons you should consider approaching Riverside Bail Bonds rather than trying to raise the funds yourself.

A Bail Bond Puts Less Strain on Your Financial Situation

Judges want to set a bail that’s high enough that the defendant will want to make all of their court appearances rather than simply blowing off the dates. The problem is that the bail is often set way higher than the defendant can afford. That’s where a bail bonds agent comes into the picture.

If you post the bail yourself, you’ll have to pay the entire amount. If you sign one of our contracts, all you have to come up with is 10% of the required amount. That’s it. Just 10%. The catch is that the 10% is our fee so you won’t get it back when you’re case concludes.

We do offer a 20% discount to anyone who is a member of the military, getting the representation of a private attorney, or is an AARP member.

Return Home Sooner

When you post bail yourself, there is often a great deal of money juggling, contacting friends/family for a loan, and trying to withdraw money from various accounts. You might even have to wait for your next paycheck to arrive.

When you use Riverside Bail Bonds, we’ll start the process of getting you out of jail as soon as the paperwork is filled out. We also have a solid understanding of the local procedures, who handles the bail at the court house, how to quickly fill out the correct documentation, and everything else to drastically shorten the process. You won’t believe how fast we get you out of jail.

We’re a Resource

The entire process of being arrested and released on bail is confusing. It’s perfectly natural to not realize that you have questions until a few more days have passed. We have the knowledge, patience, and willingness to answer any questions you have. We’ll explain the rules and conditions attached to your bail bond, help you understand when you need to appear in court, and deal with any other questions that come up.

Riverside Bail Bonds offers a completely free consultation. We’re available 24/7. You can reach us by calling 951-500-3341 or clicking the Chat With Us now link.

Should You Post Bail for Your Buddy

Should You Post Bail for Your Buddy

It’s the middle of the night and you’ve just gotten a phone call you didn’t expect. Your best buddy, the guy who does everything for you has been arrested and wonders if you would help post their bail. This puts you in a bind. You’ll probably spend the next several hours lying awake trying to figure out what you should do.

The answer to whether you should post bail for your buddy varies depending on how close you really are, if they have a history of breaking the law, and most importantly your financial situation. Yes, when you post bail for your buddy you’ll get it back, assuming that they don’t skip their court dates. The problem is that it could be a really long time before you see that money again. You have bills to pay, and obligations to meet. Can you really afford to hand that money over to the court which might keep it for several months?

Don’t assume that just because you can’t afford to post your buddy’s bail that there’s nothing you can do. There is. Your best course of action is contacting Riverside Bail Bonds. Not only do we have the money needed to write a bail bond for your buddy, but it’s also likely that we can get your friend released from jail far quicker than you could.

How involved you are in the bail bonds process depends largely on your buddy’s history and financial situation. If they are able to cover the entire 10% fee and if they need collateral to secure the bail bonds. If they don’t need a co-signer or for you to help with the collateral issue, you’re free to walk away from the entire situation, confident in the knowledge that you’ve done a good thing.

If we do require that you co-sign for your buddy, we’ll walk you through the process and make sure you understand what responsibilities you’ll have to deal with.

There are many reasons Riverside Bail Bonds has been the most popular bail bonds agency in California, including:

✨ 0% Interest payment plans
✨ 20% Discount
Phone approvals
✨ No hidden fees
✨ No collateral for working signers
✨ Outstanding customer service

There’s no need to wait until morning to talk to us about your buddy’s situation. Our free consultations are available 24/7.

To get the ball rolling, click the Chat Now link or call 951-500-3341.