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Bail bonds are an excellent incentive for defendants to oblige to their release terms and conditions. The defendant is well aware of what he or she has on the line, as well as what any co-signer put on the line too. If the defendant skips court, they and/or the co-signer will need to pay the rest of the bail money as well as give up any collateral that was offered – real estate, jewelry, etc.

Bail bonds should not be thought of as a form of bribery to get a defendant to come to court. It should be seen as a means for the defendant to return to their home, family and work while their trial runs. It is an opportunity for them to have a life during this stressful time. It’s a way for their family and friends to show support at this most critical moment and even provide new guidance.

Highland Bail Bond Store takes these views very seriously – family reunification and a little bit of a breather amidst the situation. We care about the defendant’s well-being and that means getting them out of jail and back home.

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