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How would you handle it if your friend or family member got arrested? Finding out that someone you care about was arrested can be shocking. You might wonder what your loved one could have possibly done to get arrested, or how you are going to help him or her. Our bail agents answer hundreds of questions like that every day at Riverside Bail Bonds .

  • Can you tell me what my friend or family member was arrested for?
    Yes, we can. Just give us your friend or family member’s name, birthday, and the county of his or her arrest. We use that information to find your loved one in the county system and to answer any of your questions.
  • How much does a bail bond cost?
    Pricing is dependent on the amount of the bail. In California, bail bonds companies charge 10% of the bail price.
  • How much do I have to pay?
    Again, cost depends on the price of the bail itself. Initially you need to pay 10% of the bail. Depending on your information, we may be able to offer discounts.
  • With interest, how much do I have to pay?
    We do not charge interest, you only have to pay the 10%.
  • How much do I have to put up front?
    Pricing varies from case to case and greatly depends on the people who are co-signing.
  • Do I need to give a collateral?
    We use your signature as collateral in most cases. However, for larger bails, starting around $100,000, you may need to put down something as collateral. This varies from case to case and depends on the co-signers.
  • What happens if I miss a payment?
    If you happen to miss a payment, it is not a huge deal. If you know in advance that you are going to be late on a payment, let us know. We know that life can be difficult at times and that things that were certain a few months ago might have changed. If your budget has changed, we can work with you on payments and even readjust your payment plan to fit your budget better.

The best way to help your friend is to go to Riverside Bail Bonds and talk to one of our bail agents. Our bail agents can answer all of your questions regarding your loved one’s release from jail. We are a statewide, family-owned bail bonds company and we have been helping Californians rescue their loved ones from jail since 1987.

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We Have Been Helping Californians for 29 Years Now

riverside bail bonds

Riverside Bail Bonds was founded in 1987. Since then, we have worked non-stop at making bail bonds easier and more affordable for our clients. We offer our clients the best deals available and provide the best bail service in California. Unlike our competitors, we actually care about our clients and want to help them.

Every year, our bail bondsmen at go through training. This constant training and retraining keeps our bail agents at the top of their game. Not only do our bail agents have the experience from this yearly training, they have the knowledge that has been gained from years of helping people.

If you are looking to get your friend or family member bailed out of jail, Riverside Bail Bonds is the best place to go. We have some of the best agents and deals in California. We work with our clients to get their friend or family member out of jail quickly. No one else can do it better than the bail agents at Riverside Bail Bonds can.

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