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Benefits of a Bail Bonds Payment Plan

We get it. A payment plan that allows you to get out of jail seems a little strange. It feels like the kind of thing that should have to be paid in full.

While we understand how odd the idea of a bail bonds payment plan sounds, we also know how difficult it is to find the 10% fee we charge for a bail bond. It’s not like you had a great deal of advanced warning and were able to save up. Our hope is that by creating a zero interest, zero money down program we provide you with the means to reunite with your loved ones rather spending months in jail while you wait for your case to go to trial.

There are several benefits connected to a bail bonds payment plan

The most obvious benefit is that it enables people who are financially strapped to be released from jail. They are able to go to work, which will not only provide them with the money needed to stay on top of their bail bond payments, but also earn enough to help with their legal defense, pay their mortgage, and handle other expenses.

Being in jail is stressful. It quickly takes a toll on both physical and mental health. Taking advantage of a bail bonds payment plan makes it possible for the accused to go home where they are able to relax, seek medical treatment when needed, and simply feel better than they would had they remained in jail.

Being released on a bail bond that has a payment plan makes planning a legal defense against the charges easier. The accused can go directly to the lawyers office for meetings, rather than having to wait for the lawyer to visit the jail. The accused will also enjoy complete privacy and discretion while they are at the law offices, something that can’t always be guaranteed in a county jail.

If it looks like the case will conclude with the accused spending some time in jail, the fact that they accepted a payment plan for a bail bonds means they have the ability to prepare things such as a better savings account, auto bill payments, and more that allows them to make sure that everything will be okay while they serve their sentence.

Reasons to call Riverside Bail Bonds as soon as you’ve been arrested include:

20% discounts for some applicants
Flexible payment plans
Simple contracts
24/7 service
Phone consultations
Online consultations
Zero-interest bail bond
Fast service
Zero worry about hidden fees
Zero down bail bond

Consultations are available 24/7. They’re completely free. Simply call 951-500-3341 or click the Chat With Us now link.


Don't Spend the Summer in Jail

Don’t Spend the Summer in Jail

The summer is finally here. Yet instead of enjoying pool parties, golf outings, camping trips, and long boat rides into the Pacific Ocean, you’ve managed to get arrested. If you don’t settle the case right away by pleading guilty, you could easily spend the entire summer in jail while you wait for your case to slowly wind its way through the court system.

Or, you could contact Riverside Bail Bonds and find out how we can get you out of jail and reunited with your loved ones. We feel that it’s an easy decision.

Contacting Riverside Bail Bonds is simple. We offer completely free consultations and are available 24/7. All you have to do is call 951-500-3341 or click the Chat With Us now link. As soon as you do that, you’ll immediately connect with an experienced bail bonds agent who will not only answer all of your questions but will also explain what documentation you need and how to handle signing a contract while you’re in jail. You won’t believe how easy it is to contact us, how quickly we move, and how soon we can have your bail bond written.

We assure you, that we move as quickly as we can when it comes to getting you out of jail. We don’t want you sitting in a cell for any longer than absolutely necessary. Most of the time it only takes a few hours to complete the process, but there are times that the process goes slower. This usually happens when the courts are either extremely busy or when they’re experiencing a staffing shortage.

Are you worried that once we’ve posted your bail bond you’ll spend the summer on house arrest and can’t help thinking that it doesn’t sound much better than being in jail? The truth is that it depends on the types of conditions the judge attached to your bail. If they have made wearing a GPS monitoring system and being home at specific times a condition of your bail, you’ll have to follow those directives. On the other hand, if no conditions were attached to your bail, you’re free to spend your time at the beach, the parks, and hanging out with your loved ones. Either way, you’ll enjoy the summer more when you’re free on a bail bond as opposed to spending it inside a jail cell.

Want to know more about how Riverside Bail Bonds can spare you from a summer in jail?

Simply call 951-500-3341 or click the Chat With Us now link for a free consultation. We’re available 24/7.